Monday, November 16, 2015

Ayung Rafting

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Ayung rafting if you want to try? Travelers who are adventurous and love the sport of water if the holiday to Bali with bali tour drivers, of course, never tried Bali rafting activities. Rafting is one of the water sports or Bali water sport by riding inflatable boats and wading sungai.Kegiatan swift water rafting in Bali can be done in several rivers. In Telaga Waja river or better known as the Telaga Waja rafting and Ayung River in the village of Payangan Ubud Bali, as you know Ubud is one of the attractions in Bali. To go to this place to take a time of 1 hour from Ngurah Rai Airport, past the tourist attraction of Kuta, Sanur and city attractions Denpasar.

Ayung Rafting Ubud Bali

Having arrived at the starting point, rafting on the Ayung river is about to begin. The participants will be briefed by instructors who are trained and experienced with the Ayung river rafting. For example the introduction of tools which are used as life jackets, paddles, boats, sitting on a boat, how penyelamatkan themselves if the boat capsized, and other matters relating to the comfort and safety of participants.

Each boat accommodates 4 participants, plus 1 instructor. For approximately 2 hours you will try to navigate the swift Ayung river a distance of approximately 12 km. In the course participants can enjoy the Ayung river rapids and take pictures at the edge of a river stone carvings background along hundreds of meters. This reflects the high artistic creativity of the Balinese to be the hallmark of tourism rafting on the Ayung river.

For children who want to try Ayung Rafting, no need to worry because the water is not too heavy and not jeramnya swoop. But should still accompanied by their parents. This sport is very exciting and challenging. Moreover, the gang carried crowded with family and friends. See here, the classification of the difficulty level of the river in Bali for rafting.

After wading along the Ayung river water 12 km, participants will get to the stopping point. In this place provided a resting place, dressing room, bathroom, and free towels. Activities will continue to enjoy lunch with a buffet menu that has been provided. Ayung Rafting tourist attraction visited by tourists from domestic and foreign. Especially before Christmas, New Year, school holidays and other national holidays. Read more about the information of tourist attractions in Ubud Bali.

We as an agent service provider of water sports in Bali, Bali rafting provide for you, of course, at a price much cheaper than you come directly to the game. We only recommend three companies peyedia Ayung rafting, the three companies you can see in the table below. All three companies offer different prices, from the cheapest to most expensive. All the companies we recommendations have a 100% safety record.

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