Monday, November 16, 2015

Kecak Uluwatu Tour

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Want to watch the Kecak dance during the holidays to Bali, Uluwatu Kecak package tour can be taken into consideration and your choice while on holiday in Bali with bali tour drivers.

Kecak Bali, as you know, is very well known to foreign countries and are very popular as one of the performing arts in the island of the gods. The only one in Bali Kecak dance show with background sunset tourist spot located in Uluwatu, therefore Kecak Uluwatu is always crowded with spectators.

Kecak dance performance in Uluwatu started at 06:00 pm, the start time of sunset. Usually the story to be in pentaskan through Kecak Uluwatu, take the story of Ramayana.

Uluwatu Bali Tourism is certainly not just to see Kecak dance, in Uluwatu Bali tourist spots you can see the temple which is located alongside a cliff with views of the southern ocean.

Moreover, in Uluwatu tourist attractions, you will see many monkeys are not wild anymore, because it was accustomed to humans. But we suggest you remain cautious, especially against your belongings, such as purses, sunglasses, earrings, mobile phones. Although it is benign, the name the animals, their behavior remains unpredictable.

You do not have to worry, the monkeys will attack you, so long as you are not rude to apes.

If you came directly to sights Uluwatu Bali package without using the services of our cheap tour, you will be charged the price of admission Uluwatu Rp 15,000 / person, for tickets Uluwatu Kecak will be charged Rp 100,000 / person.

Uluwatu Kecak package tour, of course not only traveled to visit the tourist attractions Uluwatu, on the cheap tour packages to Bali, we will invite you also to visit attractions in Bali others.

Route of Uluwatu Kecak package tour, you can see in the table below. In the selection of the package tour, we highly prioritize to choose the direction of travel. With the aim of you will have more time in the sights and not spend your time in the vehicle.

These schedules Kecak Uluwatu Tour Daily

  • We will pick you up at your place of stay in 08:30 Bali time.
  • Visiting the center of Bali, batik batik Galuh.
  • Traveled to the village of Celuk, village craftsmen in Bali silver and gold.
  • Visit Sukawati art market, you can buy souvenirs Typical Bali at a very low price.
  • Traveled to the temple Tampaksiring.
  • Kintamani travel. You can see Batur lake and mountain views.
  • Lunch in Kintamani, in the restaurant of Grand Puncak Sari. You can enjoy the lake and mountain scenery while enjoying lunch.
  • Uluwatu travel.
  • Uluwatu Kecak Dance.
  • Dinner at one cafe Jimbaran grilled fish.
  • We will take you back to where you stay.

Price Kecak Uluwatu Tour - Private Tour Package In Bali

2 - 3 PeopleUSD 730 million
4 - 5 PeopleUSD 710 million
6 - 8 PeopleUSD 690 million
9 - 15 PeopleUSD 670 million
16 - 22 PeopleUSD 650 million
23 - 28 PeopleUSD 630 million
Description Package Kecak Uluwatu Tour Daily:

  • The duration of the package tour Kecak Uluwatu is 10 hours.
  • Package private tour, not combined with other guests in a vehicle that you do not know.
  • Uluwatu Kecak package tour has included tourism transfortasi full AC with driver + fuel.
  • Uluwatu Kecak package tour already include admission to attractions in Bali, according to the attractions listed in the package tour.
  • Tour packages already include the cost of the car park.
  • Package tour includes the cost of lunch at the restaurant of Grand Puncak Sari, Kintamani.
  • Tour packages already include the cost of dinner at one of the Jimbaran fish cafe.
  • Tour packages already include the cost of tickets to watch Kecak Uluwatu.

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